Sound Recording and Design for animation

Recording dialog in Radio Studio

Recording dialog in Radio Studio (Image courtesy of Eric Renno)

After making some key decisions and changes to the production last week, the animation is now back on track. After discussion in my tutorial last week, the piece will be a performance that will be shown on 9th January @ NUA during the final critique session and filmed on 16mm film. This takes the pressure off of trying to resolve the major issue of recording the projection minus the flicker.

This week I’ve been working on recording the dialog, which will then be edited in Logic Pro X (the first time I will use this new version for a major audio editing project). The voice of the little girl was kindly provided by the daughter of a classmate, Tracey Tutt. She recorded several takes on a portable audio recorder for me, perfect for the final piece.

Recording dialog in Adobe Audition

Recording dialog in Adobe Audition

The rest of the dialog was provided by my colleague and voice actor, Eric Renno. Eric provided the voice for Fred and Schrödinger. We did a couple of takes of this in the radio studio at work and recorded it into Adobe Audition. The aim is to take these recordings and edit the dialog together and add foley and additional sound effects. Once the timings of the sound are nailed I will be able to focus on the rest of the animation. The aim is to get the audio edit completed by Friday, allowing me a couple of weeks to sort the animation and final critique.

I’m still a little nervous about how the project will turn out, but remaining optimistic!

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