Schrodinger’s Rabbit – Final Script

Script Cover

Schrodinger’s Rabbit – Front page of script

After a few weeks, several revisions and a couple of script reads the script for the short film Schrodinger’s Rabbit is pretty much complete. I’m afraid I’m not going to upload the whole thing at the moment, but will when the film is complete. I don’t want to give away any spoilers at this early stage!

I’ve written a couple of scripts before, but nothing I’ve ever put into production. I’ve found two things quite difficult during this process: 1) Developing an idea 2) Writing believable dialog that flows and sounds natural. The overall structure of the narrative hasn’t changed too much during the process, it’s been more a case of working on creating the right pace, dialog and characters. The piece has been inspired by a story I heard on a BBC Radio 2 phone-in.

The script has undergone several major revisions. One of the key techniques that worked well were two script readings of the dialog. This was done over the course of two tutorials. The first script read was invaluable. The members of my class read the dialog whilst I read the action. It was good to get feedback off the class and hear it out loud. It really helped me nail the flow of the dialog, and make some changes to characters and minor scene changes. The second read left me feeling pretty much happy with only minor changes being made. I now feel the piece is complete and ready for storyboarding – the next stage in the process.

The short film is going to be produced in the style of a mini-projection mapped pop-up book with the animations all created using a piece of awesome iPad software called Tagtool, and shot in a traditional way.  I do have a vision for the piece which is difficult to put into words, but hopefully will become clearer as the storyboards are completed. The script was produced using a free piece of software called Celtx which I highly recommend, not only as a script writing tool, but also as pre-production planning software.

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