Schrodinger’s Rabbit – Storyboards

The storyboards are complete! It’s taken a couple of days but I’m happy with how it’s looking. I’m going to run these past my group on Thursday and fingers crossed I can move into production next week (I’ve already made a few of the models – more to come soon!).

I used an amazing app called Paper by FiftyThree. I use this app for all my sketching. I always have my iPad and a stylus handy, and the app is like carrying around a pad of paper and a whole host of drawing tools. I’ve tried a few similar tools over the years but I love the simplicity and usability of Paper, it allows you to concentrate on the drawing with a minimal interface.

Again, like the script, I’m not going to upload the whole thing so as not to give away the plot, but here are a couple of  shots from the storyboards for now. I’ll upload the rest once I’ve completed the film.

sr storyboard - page 2

Page 2 of Schrodinger’s Rabbit storyboards

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