Spectro Projection Installation – Norwich Arts Centre

This is a short video of the projection installation that Alice Boutell and I created for the Spectro electronic night at Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 15th November. It was a bit of a trial with the aim of hopefully doing something similar in the future. Overall we were both quite happy with the results, although the image quality on the spheres could have been improved by either having a darker room or a more powerful projector.

Alice created some awesome hand animated visuals and I used the visuals from my previous Sphere project. The initial idea was to improvise and VJ the visuals live, but as the bar had no DJ and filled and emptied in waves as the bands played in the other room, it seemed more appropriate to automate the visuals on a loop. In the other room some pretty cool acts performed with Mount Kimbie finishing off the night, due to the automation of the visuals it gave us a great opportunity to watch the bands perform.

We seemed to get some pretty positive feedback and I noticed a couple of people snapping pictures. I really enjoyed the night and hopefully we’ll get another opportunity in the future to perform and develop the work further. Also it was the ONLY bar I have ever been to with a 100% Aphex Twin soundtrack – awesome!

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