Sphere – Treatment

Working title “Sphere”

Concept and design Andrew Logie

Music Chris Weeks

Whilst we are engrossed in our day-to-day work and the importance of our lives, we fail to think about the enormity of the universe in both scale and time. Within this we are nothing more than insignificant specks of dust, existing for the blink of an eye.

We are only just beginning to understand the universe and our place within it. The universe is vast in both space and time on both the micro and macro levels. The space inside an atom is both minuscule and vast – as large as the entire universe according to Prof. Michael Green (University of Cambridge). Atoms are made of small particles, and those in turn again are made from even smaller ones. On the opposite side of the scale, where does the universe end? What is beyond it? How big is it?

“Sphere” is a live audio-visual projection installation which explores these issues with music composed by Chris Weeks. The aim of the project is to explore through moving image and sound some of the theories of Stephen Hawking’s and other contemporary physicists and explore our place in the bigger picture. The project is aimed at a broad audience, although visually it will be reminiscent of visuals associated with electronic music venues. The piece will be projection mapped onto a large sphere or performed live projected onto a dome. The sphere represents the “bubble” of the universe.

Chris Weeks is a composer based in Wales who composes ambient and electronic music. The music has been taken from the album “Deconstructed Sun” (2013) which explores the 10 elements which make up the sun.

The work is divided into 3 movements; micro, life and macro. Each in turn explores some of the questions posed by each of these scales.

The first piece “Micro” aims to explore how small things are in the universe. It explores string theory (11 dimensional hyperspace) and the minuscule particles that make up our universe; quarks, electrons, protons, spinons and orbitons. This movement will start off with the smallest particles that have been envisaged by theoreticians, string. As the piece develops the strings will slowly form together to create protons and electrons which rotate around the nucleus and orbit. These individual particles will merge and form into an atom. Atoms are the building blocks of everything and using animation the insides will be explored. The atoms will split and a visual representation of matter and anti-matter splitting will appear. The piece will pull out further to look at how atoms bond to form matter, again through animation and toy with the idea of quantum black holes. The piece will then explore basic microscopic life forms e.g plant matter and insects in a similar format.

The second part explores the earth and life. Using still macro images of plant-life that overlay and flash on top of each other our place in the universe will be explored. The images will be taken from unusual angles and will be blended together exploring basic life forms. The projection will explore microscopic images/video of small creatures and insects.  As the piece progresses in time with the music the images will be distorted playing with the idea of parallel universes. As these images progress you will get a few glimpses of shadows of people/architecture which will in turn finish with a time-lapse of the sun setting over a building.

The final part explores the larger side of the universe. The piece will continue from the second video with the time-lapsed buildings and sun setting. The images of the buildings will be attached to a large animated globe. From a tight shot to a extreme wide shot of a animated representation of the entire earth being circled by the moon. As the music progresses the camera will pull out further to reveal a circle in the middle of the sphere being orbited by other circles, reminiscent of the atoms from earlier, although this time it is animated representations of planets. These animated images will then start to blend and distort as trails of light and star fields merge into the images. As this progresses a black circle will appear in the centre of the image which will appear to absorb the light and other images. The “black hole” will gradually enlarge with visual effects around the outskirts of the circle. As the music progresses the black hole will envelop the entire sphere leaving it black/flashes. The original strings from the start of the piece will appear in the middle and start to generate and expand from the centre. This completes the cycle of the piece with the viewer again at the start of the universe, suggesting infinite universes in size and scale within each other or the cyclical big bangs and regenerations of many universes.

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