Chris Weeks – A Deconstructed Sun


“Sphere” (working title) is a live audiovisual projection mapped piece. The aim of the project is to explore the size and scale and our place within the universe through live edited visuals and pre-recorded music. An integral component of the project is the music. I met Chris whilst at university in Leeds, 1999. He has been creating and experimenting with music as long as I have known him, and then for many years prior to that. His music has featured on 6music introduces on a number of occasions and he records under a number of names – primarily Chris Weeks. He creates all of his own album artwork. He’s a pretty talented guy!

A Deconstructed Sun was released in 2012. The theme and the concept of the album fit perfectly with the theme of the project. The album explores each of the elements that the sun is created from. Although I would love to create visuals for the whole album, due to the limited timescale of this project, I had the difficult task of selecting 3 tracks for the 3 “movements” of the piece. The three tracks I will be using are [H] (Hydrogen), [He] (Helium) and [C] (Carbon). You can hear the tracks in the embedded player at the top of the page. In a future post I will explore the 3 tracks in a more in-depth analysis and explanation behind the selections. Buy the album if you like it or check out Chris’ other music on his website

Chris Weeks – Bio

Never one to be pigeonholed, Chris Weeks creates a wide-range of musical styles. He’s been writing music for a number of years, utilising hardware, software, analogue, digital, acoustic & electric instruments, and anything else he can get his hands on!

His current focus is an Ambient/Drone/Soundscape project, which he records/releases under his own name.

“I utilise a lot of live instrumentation, juxtaposed with digital manipulation”

His music is often ‘concept-driven’, with experimental tendencies. He writes intricate & detailed albums that focus on a particular idea/theme

“I try to write whatever comes naturally. I never force myself to write a certain style; I come up with an idea/concept and then let the sound/style develop freely.”

Notable past projects include ‘Kingbastard’; a more Electronic/IDM sound and ‘Myheadisaballoon’; a Lo-Fi-Pop/Alternative/Acoustic project. A ‘restless-creative-type’, he’s currently working on new material under all of his aliases.

Contemplation Moon

Contemplation Moon album cover. © Chris Weeks 2013

Albums/EPs Released:

As ‘Chris Weeks’:
Albums: A Haunting Sun | A Deconstructed Sun | Contemplation Moon
EPs: Formeg: | The Ebb & Flow | Gwynt, Glaw, Myfyrio
[Forthcoming album: ‘The Lost Cosmonaut’]

As ‘Kingbastard’:
Albums: Kingbastard | Bastardize | Beautiful Isolation | Lost Property
EPs: [run :ep] |Lost At Sea | Little Red Book | EX!T | Tied Up To Machines | Good Things Come In 3’s
+ Various singles & Remixes.
[Currently working on a new Kingbastard record]

As ‘Myheadisaballoon’:
Album: Pop Goes The People!
EPs: Treefella | [ H O L D ]
+ Various singles.
[Currently writing songs for a new album]

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