Artist Statement

A recent task for a writing workshop I attended at Norwich University of the Arts was to create an artist statement for myself. I found this a useful exercise as it has enabled me to think about and focus on who I am as an artist and what defines my current work. We split into small groups for this task and had the opportunity to read and feedback on each others statements. I found writing in 3rd person about myself to be slightly strange, although the aim of the document is to be a form of press release/artist information. I made a few amendments to the document since the lecture took place based on the feedback I received. This will be an ever-changing document, but here’s the current one.

Artist statement

Andrew draws the inspiration for his artistic practice from a combination of technology and the cosmological theories of Stephen Hawking’s and other contemporary physicists. He uses a convergence of various techniques and methodologies to create his audiovisual art based around this theme. The work produced is created using an amalgamation of technology and art. His aim is to convey difficult and theoretical questions and allow a broad audience to be able to experience this. His current research explores some of the bigger questions which are posed, such as; Where does humankind fit into the universe? How big/small is our universe? Is the universe the only one or are there others?

Some of Andrew’s previous work has explored the “music” stars and planets generate through radio waves and an audio recreation of the Big Bang constructed from the microscopic and granulated sounds of elemental and organic materials. Andrew aims not only to produce thought-provoking work, but for the audience to engage and experience the questions posed without any prior knowledge.

Andrew has combined sound and visuals in his current project “Sphere” (working title). “Sphere” is a live audiovisual projection mapped piece, influenced by the work of visual artists like Hexstatic, The Light Surgeons and D Fuse. The aim of the project is to explore current cosmological theories through live edited visuals and music. The project will be reminiscent of the type of visuals associated with electronic music events and clubs. The work is divided into 3 parts: micro, life and macro. Each movement explores issues surrounding the specific theme.

The project challenges the audience to explore and think about these difficult and abstract concepts in a stimulating way, allowing the participant to draw their own conclusions.

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