Self-negotiated Unit plan

This is a copy of the learning agreement that I wrote for my Self-negotiated unit @ NUA. This will give you a overview of the aims and intentions of the next project and also what you can expect to be produced by the end. This is of course subject to change. The agreement is as follows:

The aim of the next project is to look at the art of VJ’ing and to create an audio/visual projection mapped piece based on the theme of the size and scale of the universe.

The concept behind the piece is to put us as human beings in perspective with our place and limited understanding of the universe – showing how insignificant we are in the greater scheme of things – mankind in essence is a speck in time and space. The piece will explore and play with ideas such as parallel and slightly distorted realities, black holes, distortions in light, gravity, photons, dark matter, etc. I will also toy with idea of quantum physics, parallel universes and the formation and destruction of matter and energy. This will be a live VJ performance nodding towards the dance music scene VJ style and the electronic music it is commonly associated with.

The piece will make use of original footage, motion gfx, found footage, images and sound. Although there may be issues with copyright with found footage – the aim is to distort it beyond recognition if I use it. I have permission to use an audio soundtrack which has been composed by a friend, Chris Weeks. It is from an album called “Deconstructed Sun”. The project may include a soundscape montage layered over the top of a track. Sounds effects may include; the sounds of particles, radios and TV garble, space radio waves, etc. alongside the image.

The piece will be projection mapped onto a building or other object, possibly a large sphere? (building dome, observatory, etc – anything but a flat surface). It will be created in a live VJ performance/public space and recorded for submission. The piece will have some form of narrative structure and will be between 3-6 mins in length. It will focus on 3 pieces of music.

The piece will have visual and auditory appeal. It will be aimed at a broad audience. It will have a synergy between sound and image like ColdCut/Hexstatic and d-fuse. Images and sound should change together as the piece evolves.

The aim of this to learn more about visual installations and VJ techniques, a topic I have not explored before and the link between image and sound. So far my work has been focused on sound, it now feels the time for me to start linking sound and image together. The work continues with the theme I have been working on previously, which is that of the universe.

Artists that may have a major influence on the project include: Hexstatic, d-fuse, The Light Surgeons, Scanner, OneDotZero, Suryummy, Cabaret Voltaire, DJ spooky, VJ Moto, C-trl labs, c505 and Scott Pageno. I will also research and look at some earlier works, such as Walther Ruttmans 1930 film – Weekend and Godfrey Reggio & Phillip glass’ A/V trilogy which looked at the relationship between nature, technology and humanity. I will also be looking at scientific research surrounding the universe and how it works.

Berlin: Symphony of a Great City
Silent film of Berlin shot in 1927 directed by Walter Ruttmann

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