Additional projection mapping tests

vj cube

Projection mapped visuals on a cube

As part of my initial experimentations, I tried to develop the projection mapping technique I have learnt so far, onto more complex objects to explore some of the possibilities enabled by Resolume Arena. In these two experiments I mapped the outputs onto 2 different objects, one a white cube and the other a black flight case.

Flight case VJ

The setup for projection mapping onto a black flight case

Once you have uploaded your video clips (I’m still working with some demo footage here – until I shoot my own) into Resolume, and you have created a set, on the output you can slice the video into multiple streams, which can then be distorted using handles and bezier curves onto whatever you would like to projection map onto. The aim is to do this on a larger scale for the final project, for which a more powerful projector will be required. For test purposes a small projector is fine.

In my first attempt a simple white cube was projected onto. One projector was used, to project onto the top of the cube as well as the sides the projector had to be placed up higher, and angled down onto the surface. The results, especially in a dark photo studio, where impressive in my opinion.

The second attempt used a slightly more advanced projection mapping technique. Continuing my experimentations in projection mapping, in this attempt, the video was sliced into multiple streams in Resolume Arena, and mapped onto different objects. It all worked well apart from the projection on the back wall which is slightly out of focus. The projector I have been using is a very basic one, therefore slightly limiting with the size and shape I can project.

The final video is the same technique again, but this time on a larger black flight case. Although it was not problem setting up the projector and mapping the shape, the colour of the box (black) absorbed all of the visuals (apart from the metal strips).

Overall these experiments have been a great learning experience, it has given me a bit of a basic understanding of how to do 3D projection mapping, how to use the software and how to setup a projector and syncronise it to audio. Now to get on with shooting and compiling some footage!

One response to “Additional projection mapping tests

  1. I really like the 2 cubes test, not so much light spill, and the video content works better as a repeating object… great stuff Andy, makes me want to have ago, but I know I must not get distracted!

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