Audio-visual art and VJ culture

vj culture

Faulkner, M. (2006) VJ, audio-visual art and VJ culture. London: Laurence King

I recently read this book as part of my research into the new project I am working on, based around VJ’ing and audio-visual art. It’s a really well written and designed book, which includes lots of inspiring imagery.

The book explores the advent of the visual-artist and how the art form has developed over the years. It looks at the historical and contextual issues surrounding the art of performing live visuals in sync with audio. The main bulk of the book explores the key artists within the VJ scene – such as: The Light Surgeons (Chemical Brothers/Beck visuals), D-Fuse, Scanner, Hexstatic, etc. The book focuses on the concepts and ideas behind the work the artists do, the technical aspect of their work and where they seek inspiration. It concludes with a technical chapter which explores the technical equipment some of the key artists use to perform in a typical stage setup.

Also included is a DVD with some excellent examples of work created by D-Fuse and Scanner. The book is an excellent read and visually inspiring, it has helped me gain an insight into the world of the VJ. I certainly will be making further reference to this in the future, during the course of this unit.

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