3D Projection Mapping – First Attempt

The next project I am thinking about doing will involve VJ’ing. This involves the synergy of different forms of media – predominantly moving image and sound, which is edited live.

In future posts I will endeavour to explain the ideas behind my next project, but for the time being, I just wanted to explore and play with the software (Resolume Arena) and see what it is capable of, and experiment with the amazing 3D projection mapping capabilities of the software.

I borrowed a projector from work, hooked it up to my laptop and tried projecting onto a variety of surfaces at home, in particular and wanted to try projecting onto 3D objects; a nice easy one is a cuboid shape (my CD storage cases!). I used one of my favourite artists tracks, Aphex Twin and jammed. I am amazed at how relatively easy it is to set up 3D mapping. This is a short snippet of the experiment.

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