Fuse [edit] – Visual Kitchen (audio by Funckarma) – Deconstruction

The visual have an ongoing theme running throughout, which is that of still images of buildings, shot from a low and unusual angles. The piece uses a consistent colour scheme throughout, a combination of purples and grey predominantly. The music is created from a kick drum, snare, hats, bass and synth line, each of these sounds is represented through a specific image i.e. the kick drum uses photos of buildings whilst the synth line uses a piece of computer graphics. These images change in time with the sound, creating a synergy between the image and music. Each visual changes and cuts in time with the drum beat, major changes take place on each kick, slightly smaller changes of images overlaid with the snare, and quick paced edits for the hats. When the synth combines with the drums it is a visual representation of a waveform which changes also in time with the music. As the piece builds the images change more rapidly as the drum break becomes more frenetic.

The piece builds to a breakdown in which the same images are repeated and used, although this time an animated mask is applied over the top of them only allowing some of the visuals to appear. The music at this points becomes slightly more sparse and this is also represented visually. Finally as the audio builds to the climax, the mask fades allowing the original images to be fully seen again. The piece uses a combination of real still images of buildings (taken from unusual angles) and a very small amount of computer visuals. The piece shows the importance of combining abstract visuals and sound in time and the synergy between the two. Although the images do not convey a story, the urban setting used is commonly associated electronic and experimental music, and the city settings the music first emerged from.

Visual Kitchen started in the late nineties as a collective that focused on live video mixing and pioneered the Belgian vj-scene. Visuals Kitchens early work was produced for dance music events. In 2003 Visual Kitchen joined forces with Les P’tits Belges in the organisation of the annual Cimatics AV festivals. The Cimatics Platform offers a wide spectrum of activities within the fields of vj’ing and live audiovisual performances, with the festival as the key focus point. In  2007 they restructured these activities, (re)organizing the AV and VJ scene with the Cimatics\AV\platform that produces, promotes and distributes national and international audiovisual artists. The music is created by Funckarma – an experimental electronic music group, who have released records on Warp, amongst others.

http://visualkitchen.org/ – Visual Kitchen website

http://www.funckarma.com – Funckarmas website

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