Iregular – Interactive Installations

Centros, live visuals by Iregular, Baillat Cardell & fils and Diagraf

Centros, live visuals by Iregular, Baillat Cardell & fils and Diagraf

Iregular are an interactive content creation company based in Montreal composed of three key individuals; Daniel Iregui, François Loubert-Hudon and David Surprenant. The artists specialise in creating immersive and interactive environments on all scales and on a variety of formats: installations, mobile and stage. The key to their work is audience participation via interaction with the installations. The audience are invited to be participants within the art.

LIFT – Montréal en Lumière 2013 from Iregular on Vimeo.

In Lift, an artwork that explores a variety of Montreal’s iconic landmarks, the audience participate by throwing giant balls upwards. The interactions control a variety of the visuals, some appear, others distort and some are created live alongside the interactions.

CONTROL – Lumen Festival 2012 from Iregular on Vimeo.

In the above work, Control, sounds and visuals are generated on a wall covered in LEDs. Using generated patterns that are played back via the lights, the audience are invited to touch the object and become part of the work. As the work is manipulated the visuals change live. In a previous version of the work Control-no-control , the work is part of a substantially larger cube structure. This enables multiple audience members to participate in the work simultaneously.

THINGS / CHOSES from Iregular on Vimeo.

Thing/Choses is a large-scale building projection that explores collaborative music and visual interaction. The work is composed of a wide variety of symbols and imagery synchronised with music loops. Members of the audience are invited to logon to a particular website, from which you can browse the images, select one and by utilising a throwing motion with the phone, the image and sounds will appear on the building.

BOOMERANG AWARDS 2010 – Reactive Live Visuals from Iregular on Vimeo.

The final piece of work that I’d like to mention is this simple piece of reactive visuals performed live  at the Boomerang Awards 2010 alongside a didgeridoo performer. The spherical pattern reacts in time to the performance as the piece builds, so do the visuals, with additional background layers and pace. This piece has a different form of interactivity, rather than with the audience, this time the performer is the focus, with a live feed of the sound of his performance being fed back to the generated visuals.

I selected all of these works based on the interactive element. I aim to have an interactive element to the work I produce. I’ve been exploring Quartz Composer, a visual programming tool produced by Apple, which allows tight integration between visuals and various forms of interaction. I will discuss this in an upcoming post. All of these works utilise interactivity in a variety of different and innovative ways to engage with the audience. All of the interactive elements seem fairly intuitive and require little explanation. This allows a broad audience to immediately engage with the work. I’m currently undecided on the form the work will take and my ideas are still vague. The link between visuals, sound and interactivity and synergy between all elements create immersive works that can be suited to a variety of locations and scales and engage a broad audience.

I’ve included the piece below as I think it’s visually stunning. Unlike the other works, this one has no audience input although the visuals are fully synchronised with the music,  it is totally immersive utilising both image, sound and space.

CENTROS (Scenography) – Mutek MX 2013 from Iregular on Vimeo.

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