Quayola – Matter

Quayola is a visual artist based in London. He focusses his work on “multiple forms exploring the space between video, audio, photography, installation, live performance and print.” (Cinematics Agency 2011). Quayola works with real architecture and objects which through visual methods the objects mutate into momentary objects which allow the real and abstract to co-exist. Quayola blurs the lines between different practices and mediums in his work. His works tend to be collaborations between himself, musicians, photographers and computer programmers.

Matter (2012)

Matter is a time-based digital sculpture; a celebration of matter itself, the substance of all physical things. It describes a continuous dynamic articulation of a solid, pure block of matter, from the simplest primitive forms to the highest details of geometric complexities, and vice versa…from the unpredictable grace of geological processes to the perfection, beauty and precision of man-made crafts. The subject of this piece is Rodin’s sculpture Le Penseur (The Thinker), a masterpiece born as the avant-garde that has since become a universal classical icon, and now considered the bridge from classical to modern sculpture.” (Quayola 2012)

Matter - NYC Exhibition

Matter – NYC Exhibition (©2012 Quayola)

The work is a 10-min video loop which is projected in 4k resolution onto a 60ft vertical screen for exhibition. Matter explores a similar subject to the one I wish to pursue, although in a different format. The work explores form, space and volumes using the sculpture “The Thinker” as its basis. The work breaks down the sculpture to into simpler geometric sculptures, all the way to a cube, the simplest form. It explores matter through from this primitive form which then increases in complexity through an organic process as the audience discovers from this simple object an object of beauty and perfection emerges.

Matter - NYC Exhibition 2

Matter – NYC Exhibition (© 2012 Quayola)

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