Aether, 2014

Definition: Aether: Physics, archaic a very rarefied and highly elastic substance formerly believed to permeate all space, including the interstices between the particles of matter, and to be the medium whose vibrations constituted light and other electromagnetic radiation.

Thomas Sanchez and Gilberto Castro have explored the link between art and interactive technology with this piece of work. “It explores techniques of manipulating a digital sculpt throughout the interaction of the users. It is inspired by the works of Memo Akten, Quayola as well as similarly inspired modernist cubist works such Picasso´s “Seated Nude″ and the classical painter Poussin.” (Adorno 2014)

With this piece of work, the audience are able to alter the imagery to transform the objects and change the viewpoints of the piece. The work uses deep-space imagery, a picture of a Nebula as its basis, taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. “It is “all about making the audience part of the artistic process.” The duo go on: “we want that the audience feels deeply inserted in the piece, where they can transform and affect [the] particles with their own hands. We believe that interactivity is a tool that opens new doors and enables new ways of communication between art and technology.”  (Alonso 2014)

Aether Installation

Aether Installation, 2014

Again this piece explores the link between art and interactivity in a highly immersive manner, allowing the audience to be part of the art, something I hope to emulate in my final project which aims to be an interactive installation piece.

The installation consists of a custom designed cabinet and a Glass of 4.30 x 2.20 m with Capacitive Multitouch Technology and 4 projectors. Visuals are writing in C++ using Cinder, TUIO block and Fade2D library.

Creative Commons License
Aether by Thomas Sanchez Lengeling is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at

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