Moving Image Unit feedback

So…this is the feedback for the Schrodinger’s Rabbit animation project. Totally out of my comfort zone with this project and not hugely happy with the final outcome but you can read all about that in the critique, but many things were learnt and the key thing is that I passed the unit with a few grades better than I was expecting. So before moving onto the final project, it’s time to draw this project to a close.


Although unfinished, Schrodinger’s Rabbit evidences a sustained engagement with storytelling, through innovative narrative use of contemporary technology. There is clear evidence of experimentation with ideas and the aesthetic realisation of ideas.

Your critical analysis and supporting research blog outlines the successes and weaknesses of the final production in relation to technical achievements and reflects upon your learning process very well. You identify aspects of the script that may be improved in order to further articulate the story in the format you chose to work within. You also reflect upon the learning in relation to experimentation and a wider contextual impact of the work (via contact with software company and external feedback).

Areas for improvement

The critical analysis and supporting research blog might make better use of a wider bibliography than you have presented, making further exploration of contemporary practice in animation, projection mapping and short scripts/ film to provide a wider context for your work. The technical and developmental aspects of your submission are well documented, but further research into pop up books, storytelling styles for children would help strengthen the final film. The final film itself is clearly a work in progress and evidences a very good level of experimentation to achieve the film. To improve the film, further experimentation and rehearsal with the complex technical process will allow you to develop the mechanism for storytelling further. The limitations of the process could be expanded through the potential of live performance. 

ASU1 Moving Image Feedback

And the key part! 🙂

ASU1 grade

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