Masters project – initial thoughts…

This is the last unit of my MA, the final project. The unit is a double unit and will draw to a close in August! This will be a big undertaking, but i’m excited to get it underway at the same time. The final aim is to exhibit a piece of work which I hope will be the culmination of everything I have learnt along with over the last 1 1/2 years. As always, I will be reflecting on the process on my blog, exploring other artists work and documenting the project as it takes shape. The final grade I achieve is based entirely on this piece of work!

I aim to explore a range of artists work that have inspired my initial thoughts, I’ve mentioned a few below, in upcoming posts I will discuss their work in further detail.

These are my initial thoughts (from my notes)…

MA Initial Proposal

Project idea:

An immersive interactive installation that combines audio and visuals, with the aim of exploring the link between sound and image and the unison between the two.

Influential Artists:

  • Takagi Masakatsu
  • Daito Manabe
  • Moment Factory
  • Aether
  • Daichi misawa
  • Maotik and fraction
  • Iregular
  • Ryoichi Kurokawi
  • The infinite room “Tate” (yayoi kusama)’

AETHER / Interactive Audiovisual Installation / Test 01 from Gil Castro on Vimeo.


A gallery based audio-visual installation with either interactive elements of sound, visuals or both.

Research methods

Archive, practice and experiential based research. projection mapping, video, audio and elements of programming to integrate interactivity.

How will this inform the audience?

Through research into current practitioners work and the process of experimentation. Which will lead to the development of a final piece of work. The aim is to create an immersive, experimental and interactive piece which appeals to a broad audience.

How will I plan the project?/technical issues

Once a firmer concept has been developed , I will calculate the time required to produce the piece and research, from this I will be able to calculate an achievable timeframe to produce the work required. Foreseeable problems may include; finding an exhibition location, technical issues with production of the piece, time management, access to equipment, learning of graphical programming and costs for materials.

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