Short Film: Soundwalk and Eavesdropping task

The next task for my MA is to create a 3 minute short film in any format. I’ve been toying with multiple concepts for this but as far as narrative structure is concerned, I have been struggling. The short film can take any format, so I have been playing with the idea of creating an animation or pushing myself further out of my comfort zone and creating a more traditional short film. I’m still undecided which route to take, but next week I will have a tutorial which will enable me to discuss my ideas and make an informed decision.

As mentioned, one of the key areas I have struggled with is developing a good idea with a strong narrative structure. I have I guess what most people call, a “creative block”. To help overcome this and seek inspiration from unlikely places we were tasked with a soundwalk. A soundwalk is essentially a form of eavesdropping. We have 5 members of the group and each were tasked with choosing an interesting location, I chose St.Gregories in Norwich, the reason being that it is a location which people tend to walk through and occasional sit, and also it’s where I asked my fiancé to marry me. So the location comes with some significance for me. Other chosen locations were; behind some council flats, Primark, Norwich cathedral, a bus stop and a crowd (in my case I selected Norwich market).

The aim of the task was to go incognito to a location, sit down and listen and watch what happens. Then note down any interesting characters, snippets of conversation, objects the don’t look quite right and anything else of interest – in any format. All of these have to be noted down in some form (I used my iPhone discretely) although it is very important not to get caught! Below are a few pictures I took whilst out on this task.

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Below you can find the results and notes of my soundwalk. Although I found this a fun and potentially inspiring process, I didn’t get many ideas myself. Whether that was to do with the time (morning) or the fact it was a week day. Although, unexpectedly the location I took most from was Primark! I kept catching really strange and interesting snippets of information.

The idea is to create an “insighting incident” as discussed by Sid Field. This can potentially trigger a story from either objects, people, snippets of conversation, etc.

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