prc media exhibition 2013

PRC 2013 iMedia Exhibition

Interactive Media Display – 2013

We had the end of year PRC Media exhibition at University Centre Peterborough a couple of weeks ago. As I teach the BTEC Interactive Media students, I thought it would be nice to exhibit their work in a slightly different way, and use the technique of projection mapping to create a video installation. We had very limited resources and time and it would have definitely been better to use a larger box to project onto! Saying that, the work had a big visual impact and drew lots of attention, which was the aim in this case.

I kept the room minimalist using MacBook/projector/Resolume arena to display a demo-cut of the best moving image work they’ve created this year and iPads to display the students graphics/photography work. All in all, went down well, and good experience for me in setting up a moving image projection installation. Very positive feedback from all in attendance – perfect time now to start progressing the projection up in scale for more impact.

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