Ableton Live 9 and Granulator

Monolake Granulator – A FREE granular synthesiser for Live.

Due to the experimentation I have been doing whilst working on this project, I decided that the best way to create big lush and dark soundscapes with the sounds I have recorded is through the use of Granular Synthesis.

I have recently upgraded my Ableton Live 8 licence to a Live Suite 9 licence. The upgrade to Live 9 is not substantial but just improves even more one of my favourite composition and recording applications. What I like most about Live 9 is the elasticity and malleability of the audio once you have imported it. I was aiming to try the Granulator plugin while producing my last project but did not have MAX for Live. It now comes embedded within the software and enables you access to the programming environment of MAX right within the Live environment.

It’s probably one of the best granular synths I have used as there are so many parameters that you have control of, and it all works in real-time within the software. One of the best things about Live is the natural and organic way you can create audio sound design and compositions within the software, the interface does not get in the way of the creation, unlike Logic (don’t get me wrong, Logic is amazing, but for sonic creation in the way described, nothing touches the power of Ableton).

I have been debating the possibility of using Ableton Live in this project. I know it just as well as Logic, and find it a more inspiring environment to work in. As the audio project I am working on is now turning more into a composition crossed with sound design, I may use this instead.

Below you can find a very simple test recording. I loaded the granular synthesiser and then proceeded to create a “instrument rack” which is a combination of the synth, plus a delay, compressor (glue), resonator and reverb combined. By adding the sound of “bike spokes” from one of my initial experiments you can hear some one of the amazing possibilities of this synth. – Download from Ableton (MAX for Live req.) – Granulator Website

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