Sound Design Project Manifesto

Under the advice of my tutor at Norwich University of the Arts it was suggested that I create a mini-manifesto for the project to help shape and focus the final piece. This is it.

  1. I will use the sounds I have recorded already – no more audio recording as of this minute
  2. The project will be 2:30 mins long
  3. The project will no longer use the video in combination with the sound, the visual shall now be only inspiration for the final audio only piece
  4. The sounds created will be my artistic interpretation of the events taking place in the video
  5. I will use synthesisers in combination with the sounds – if I feel it requires this
  6. The sounds I have recorded are all elemental in some way – these will be the basis of the piece
  7. Do not be afraid to distort, destroy, edit, and generally mould the sounds in a variety of different ways to create original sounds
  8. The piece will be a combination of sound design and composition
  9. I will use Ableton Live alongside Logic to create the project due to the organic way of working within the software and real time manipulation of the sound
  10. I will create a visual score to represent the structure of the sound for the piece

Click on the images to enlarge.

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