Norwich University of the Arts Soundscape

A recent task for my MA involved recording sounds in and around Norwich University of the Arts. As a small group of Moving Image and Sound students (5) we had to plan and record a bunch of sounds in and around the building in the space of about 20 mins!

We didn’t get many great sounds, but it was a great learning experience. It was challenging to work in a small group, difficult to capture the sounds due to a variety of reasons – background noise, talking, etc and we didn’t have much time to plan, so it ended with a mish-mash of sounds captured.

We all got a copy of the audio to experiment and play with. We ended up with lots of footsteps, doors and ambiences. I thought I might try and string the audio into a loose narrative structure. Someone walking from location to location, into different spaces. It sort of worked, I would would have liked to have had a lot more source material to play with, of a better quality. I added some simple compression to some of the tracks, reverb, lots of delays, EQ and then played with a couple of plug-ins: Soundtoys Crystalliser and Auto-pan.

You can hear the result above, any feedback is always appreciated and thanks to the rest of MA Moving Image and Sound for the audio.

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