Initial sound design experimentations inc. video

I thought I would upload the first two experimentations for my sound design projects. Note that these can be considered “audio sketches”. A lot more work must be done before I am anywhere near completing this!

Logic on laptop

Logic on laptop + TouchOSC controller

Experiment 1

The first video is the universe simulation video with the sounds I recorded last week layered over each other and a simple reverb added in Logic. As I mentioned before, I’m not happy with these sounds, but I thought it would be interesting to mix them together. The result is a cacophony of noises – a boiler, pick axe, bike and fermenting wine! I like the concept of layering recorded sounds together, I just need to gather some better ones. I am off work for the next two weeks! 🙂 I have access to a portable recorder, a Seinheiser shotgun mic, pistol grip, my contact mics and some free time to explore gathering some new sounds. So hopefully I can get most of the sounds I’m after for the final project.

Experiment 2

In the second experiment I attempted to create a short piece of sound design using entirely one type of synth, the Linplug Albino, in which you can create a wide and diverse range of synthesised sounds. I started off with a low rumbling sound, and layered others on top. I then thought I might try and add one of the recorded garage sounds on also, the bike. I like the end result, again, lots of work to do again though. The synth can create some great sounds, although I struggled to achieve the sounds I had in my head. It felt more like creating a composition than sound design. Due to the nature of the video is quite open to interpretation. I didn’t pay much attention to the actual image on screen, other than using it for visual inspiration for sound. I really liked some of these sounds, I think I might end up using a few of these in combination with some recordings.

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