Norwich Fringe Festival 2014

The excellent video above was produced by Rosie Cooper ( and highlights the some of the work on display at the Norwich Fringe Festival 2014. I had a great experience, despite the hugely limited time I had to spend at the festival (I would have loved to spend more time there if it wasn’t for other work commitments!). The Undercroft is a really exciting and unusual venue with really cool acoustics based underneath the Norwich war memorial. I exhibited my work alongside other artists from a range of disciplines.

I had a segregated pitch black space at the back of the Undercroft, which allowed for the perfect experience for Bound. During the day the venue was open as a gallery space for the public and in the evening it became a space for live performances and workshops, like the iPad jam session in the pictures below. It was great to meet other artists and members of the public.

Norwich is a good 2 hours drive from where I live, so I was relieved that bar one minor issue, my installation functioned correctly for the whole 2 weeks! I spent a long time soak-testing the work to ensure the software functioned correctly, but had never run it for 2 weeks solid. I’m really happy to have received so much positive feedback from the people I’ve met and those that have contacted me via the website. It gives me a great foundation to move onto the next piece of work. Overall a great experience and a venue I would love to exhibit at again.

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