Final research statement

“Particle physics and the arts are inextricably linked: both are ways to explore our existence – what it is to be human and our place in the universe.” (CERN, 2014)

Everything in the universe, including the most complex object we are aware of, the human brain, can be explained by the unseen interactions of subatomic particles and the four forces that interact upon them; the strong and weak forces that hold the nucleus of an atom together, electromagnetism that bind atoms to one another, and gravity. Bound is a visual metaphor that explores the tiny building blocks we are created from and the invisible forces that hold them together.

During my research, I have collaborated with Dr. Don Lincoln (Fermilab), to explore cutting-edge research in particle physics and apply it to an interactive installation that utilises some of the latest 3D camera scanning techniques. This technology allows the creation of immersive and interactive motion graphics that react to both movement and sound, demonstrated recently in Chris Milk’s installation The Treachery of Sanctuary (2014) at the Barbican.

Bound aims to inspire a further interest in particle physics by visualising the latest scientific theories and provoking further discussion on the subject.

Bound (2014)

Bound (2014)

Sphere (2013)

Sphere (2013)

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