Masters Project presentation

Project presentation

On Thursday 15 May I made a ‘work in progress’ presentation about the research and practice that I am currently engaged with in this final Unit. This was an opportunity for me to present my Master’s project work to date, and to share this with my peer group.

The key elements of this presentation were:

  • Critical reflection
  • Concerns
  • Approaches & strategies
  • Decision making
  • Future approaches
  • How the work will manifest

It was also stipulated that the presentation be delivered verbally, be 10 minutes long and have clarity. I took a slight risk in my approach in that I did not create a slide based presentation, but rather discussed my reflective journal via my website. I chose this method as I thought it would be clearer than creating a presentation, it was a good opportunity to show off my website and finally, I HATE Powerpoint!

Presentation Guidelines
MA presentation outline notes

These are the key points discussed directly copied from the notes I used in the presentation.

  • Name, course
  • Previous projects over the last 2 years – all of which have explored particle physics via audio and sound installations – (show) sphere 2 mins in
  • Some of the artists that have inspired the work e.g Ryoichi Kuwokawi & Aether (show)
  • Why particle physics? – (show) research sketchbook & Arts @ CERN
    • Fascinating
    • Everything around us is made from a handful of tiny moving particles, electrons, protons and neutrons
    • Daunting subject – complexity, everyone might find the science mind-blowing if it was more approachable
    • A particle can be in several places at once. It moves from one place to another by exploring the whole universe simultaneously
  • Complexity is beyond myself, therefore collaborating with Dr. Don Lincoln, Fermilab/CERN (show)
    • What is CERN
    • Forefront of science
  • One of the key aims of the project is to inspire fascination in others via experiential learning and audience engagement – therefore taken an interactive approach – discuss
  • Have been exploring a range of interactive visual tools and methods of interaction
    • Settled on pursuing Xbox Kinect
    • (Show) initial body tracking experiments – Ableton
    • What does this tech do? 3D tracking and depth mapping, enabling granular body tracking and control
    • Why? Easy for audience to interact with, powerful via detailed control, cheap
  • Show initial ideas for project and discuss – (show) ideas sketchbook
  • If time (show) Kingbastard video – not music video, but sound interacting live with depth tracking – 1:30
Peer & Academic Feedback

At the end of a series of 4 presentations, my peers and academic staff had the opportunity to feedback on each of our presentations. Overall I am quite happy with the way my presentation went, the risk of using my website rather than a traditional presentation worked out well. 10 minutes is not a long time to present this amount of work in real detail, so it was more of an overview with examples of work, etc shown alongside the verbal delivery.

The presentations were delivered by all the second year MA students from a variety of courses, I found the day extremely interesting and the overall quality of work high. Mine was delivered just prior to lunch. Although my job is as a lecturer, I still found the experience nerve-wracking. Whilst I deliver lectures on a variety of subjects at work, I think when you are discussing your own work to peers, a subject you are very close too, no matter how much you have practiced it is still quite a challenge.

The feedback I received was very positive. The mixture of audio, visuals, text and sound worked well. I aimed for clarity within my delivery and hopefully it came across in my presentation.

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