Character Designs – Projection Animation

As it’s difficult to see the character and pop-up designs in the animation and because I spent so much time designing these, I thought it would be good to share the non-projected objects so they can be appreciated on their own.


Each character took at least 30 – 60 minutes to design, cut and glue, and the pop-up book took around a week of planning and development. The first set of images show the characters from the animation. Some of the designs are loosely based on We are paper toys! book, from which the basics shapes were created and then changed to suit the need of the animation. If I have time over the next couple of days I am going to tweak the shape of the dog by adding snout and re-shoot a couple of scenes, as one piece of feedback in my last tutorial was that the dog looked more like a cat! Slight problem.

Pop-up book

This set of images are of the final pop-up book, which can also be considered as the set design in the context of the animation. One of the key problems which is unresolvable at this time is that I think the pop-up book is too small. Each page is based on a A4 piece of paper, folded in 1/2 therefore creating an A5 page. In hindsight I should have  created the book from A3 paper. This would have made the animation easier to create as currently projecting onto objects that size is very difficult. As a novice to pop-up design I used a brilliant reference book, Pop-up design and paper mechanics : how to make folding paper sculpture by Duncan Birmingham. I can’t recommend this book high enough!


  • Bou, L. (2010) We are paper toys! PrintCutFoldGlueFun!. New York; Enfield: Collins Design; Publishers Group UK [distributor].
  • Birmingham, D. (2010) Pop-up design and paper mechanics : how to make folding paper sculpture. Lewes: Guild of Master Craftsman.

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