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Sphere screenshot. ©2013 Andrew Logie

Today I received the feedback for Sphere. This was the first time I’ve properly experimented with projection mapping and VJ’ing and I am looking forward to progressing further with this medium. I throughly enjoyed the creation of the work and have received many positive comments which I really appreciate. After a tutorial with my lecturer Prof. Suzie Hanna today, she stated that if this was the final piece, the final grade would have been a Distinction! I worked extremely hard on the project and have had lots of fun, but now it’s time to take it a step further.

I have a few ideas for the next project – and I am very excited for the Moving Image unit coming up. I’m not going to say much for now, but keep an eye on the blog for news and updates. Thanks for all the support!

Sphere Feedback


Submitted: Learning Agreement, Critical Evaluation, Blog Journal and Research including Pecha Kucha presentation, Mapped Sphere Projections with music.

This submission evidences excellent organisational skills, including a strong personal and critical narrative communicated clearly through articulate and readable written reports. The concept has been taken through a thorough research process and your diverse visual and technical experiments have resulted in the creation of a truly pleasurable aesthetic which is suitable for the intended audience and market, and which has strong potential to develop in even more innovative directions. The video projection and its documentation clearly demonstrate the work’s potential. Successful collaboration and regular engagement with peer critiques have enriched the outcomes. You also consider ethical details including copyright and suitability in a professional manner.

Areas for improvement:

Your critical evaluation could be developed further to include more comment on cutting edge practice in contemporary VJ culture. There are some interesting areas to investigate around visual representation, audience sensibility and effects of psycho-sensuality. It would also be worthwhile to discuss the use of projection mapping with designers of interior architecture, and consider the possibilities of diversifying uses, markets, applications and exhibition of VJ projection mapping technology.

(Note: Stan Van der Beek’s Movie Drome, also ‘Light & Space’ artists: Larry Bell, Doug Wheeler and James Turrell)

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

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