Graphic representation of the structure of planned sound piece

I have in my mind a visual structure for my final piece. To help me create the final work I have created a graphic representation of how the work should flow and should be structured.

The work crosses the boundaries between composition and sound design. It is not composed in a traditional way, and doesn’t follow traditional compositional structures. The final piece will predominantly be created from sounds recorded using contact mics within an elemental theme. This image is a visual representation of what I would like the sound and shape of the work to be, which hopefully fits in with my intended project outcomes.

To attempt to explain this to the casual observer is tricky, but I shall try in simple terms. I intend to start with an incredibly dense mono sound, which stops, then the explosion of jumbled matter spreads out in stereo and as it develops, it should start to take more structure, gradually sounds clumping together to represent the first formations of galaxies, etc. My intention is to create this within a timeframe of 2-3 minutes. This will be created from montaged sounds in Logic and using the Granulator synth from Ableton Live.

Graphic Score

Graphic representation of sound-scape. Created in Paper for iPad.

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