3D Titles and Initial Feedback

This is close to what the final video will (was!) going to look like. I used a website called my mygalaxies.co.uk which converts text into real galaxies that look like the letters. I thought this was in keeping with the video. I chopped each word into individual letters in After Effects CS6, masked and feathered them. I switched on the 3D plane and just moved the letters through the z axis and scaled them so when the camera reaches a certain point you can make out the words. I also experimented with some sound bank sounds for the start. All was edited in Final Cut Pro X on the Mac. Additional flashes were added to break up the video and help synchronise the sound together.

After discussions in my group tutorial yesterday, I think the next step is to scrap the video altogether and focus entirely on the sound. The feedback I received was that the video is far to simple and nothing fits to it. As it is so organic I have been struggling to find sounds that fit it, so by removing the video altogether it will enable me to have much further scope with the sound. Generally the feedback was positive, the sounds were great, but the video distracted from the final result.

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