DIY Cables

To do my location recording I’m going to be using a Marantz PMD660 recorder. Unlike my Focusrite audio interface which has both jack and XLR inputs, this particular model only has XLRs.

In order to plug my Contact microphones into the recorder to take onto location, I made a simple cable. The contact microphones both have 1/4″ jack connectors. After getting a couple of good quality cables, Neutrik XLR and Jack connectors then a bit of soldering (first time in a while!) I knocked together my cables which turned out well. I will now be able to get out and about with my contact microphones and be able to do some recording. You can see the pictures of the work-in-progress below.

(note: see one of my super cool Beatles coasters in the pic!)

Good little tip I picked up from JrF microphones website is to use electrical tape to connect the contact mics to the surface of objects.




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