Contact Microphones

I’m looking forward to giving my contact microphone a go when it arrives next week. I bought a handmade Contact Microphone from JRf  ( which from the research i’ve been doing are pretty good (and a great price – £20!) and have been used on BBC Wildlife programmes and by Sigur Ros.

Contact Microphone

JRf c-series Contact Microphone

I am amazed by the sound the you can pickup using these – unlike traditional microphones, these don’t pick up acoustic vibrations through the air, but instead pick up sounds from objects that you attach them to.  I’m going to arrange some time after it’s arrived in the metal workshop @ NUA recording some hopefully very interesting sounds.

Here’s a great website I found which goes through some of the basic rules for the use of contact microphones! Can’t wait to get out and about experimenting and recording different objects with this. I will share my findings…

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