Research into Practice feedback

Very happy to have passed my first research assignment for my MA in Moving Image and Sound. I worked very hard on this assignment and have to say that it may be the first time I have actually enjoyed writing an essay! I was very happy with the feedback I received along with my areas for development.

All of these were totally valid points that I agree with and will be looking at improving in the coming projects. I will be looking at developing my soundscapes in the next unit – Sound. The comments from my tutor can be found below.

Strengths: The creative practice, research journal and research report have a clear focus on the composition of soundscapes using concepts and techniques associated with granular synthesis. The research report provides a concise overview of a carefully selected group of issues associated with granular sound processes and ways in which these have been employed in historical and contemporary sound practice, drawing on a range of key examples, interviews and texts The research journal provides a helpful account of the interests that have been explored through the development of the soundscape and refers to relevant technical and bibliographic resources The methods employed in the development of the protect are introduced and reviewed in the written parts of the submission This is a highly focused and precise report which clearly describes the application of theory to your own practice

Areas for improvement: The creative and written aspects of the work introduce concepts and techniques associated with sound grams, but corresponding issues such as repetition, difference, duration, change, modulation, morphology and transformation are dealt with fleetingly, if at all Perhaps there is an opportunity to develop your own approach to composing or working with, granular sound by developing your familiarity with these A shift in emphasis away from the technical processes associated with digital sound granularisation to your own ideas for composition, spatialisation, diffusion and/or installation might perhaps provide scope for creative development. There are some astute references to historical practices, and the contexts of experimentation associated with musique concrete, new and experimental music loom large in the current work, but perhaps the emphasis should be on what compositional possibilities (be they conceptual or aesthetic) granularisation has for sound art and design today.

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