Particle Sounds

You can find the completed research essay for my research into the practice of Granular Synthesis and how this can be applied within an artistic context. Overall, quite happy with the overall essay and project. As always any feedback is appreciated!

Click the following link to download the .pdf file (approx 5mb)

Particle Sounds – Andrew Logie

3 responses to “Particle Sounds

  1. I’ve just read the end part of your report, tells me all the technical Stuff… It’s like another whole essay though! Puts my meagre effort to shame, amazing amount of detail…

    • Hi Tracey. How’s it all going? How was your feedback session?

      Lol maybe went into the technical side a bit much, but I’m a bit of a geek!

      I’m thinking about taking the soundscape stuff further in the next project but there’s part of me that wants to do some Foley/soundtrack stuff!

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