iTunes U Video Journalism course

Within my job role I teach on the Video Journalism unit within the Media Degree. I will be doing a talk regarding the use of iTunes U within HE. I have used and administered a variety of different VLE platforms over the years. All of which do pretty much the same thing, which is sharing information with the students. I have to say this is a particularly nice VLE platform and is integrated well within the iOS platform.

It enables you to create your usual VLE structure quite easily from within a web interface. It is very easy to upload your resources and create a library, which in turn can be linked to each post. You can link apps, books, media and text to the course which students can make notes on within the app, tick as they complete and share with friends. When you upload a new post it automatically sends the users a notification of any new material added. Overall very impressive and very flash and engaging interface. The other aspect of using this software is the kudos – being able to advertise our university alongside the likes of Stanford, MIT, etc on the iTunes U library. On the downside it’s iOS only. Either all your students have a device or they cannot access it or access to iTunes. Unfortunately it has no web interface for students. Let’s see where this progresses – it is a slight hint at the future of education I believe.

If you fancy having a look at the course and providing some feedback please click the link below to enrol on the course. I will receive an enrolment request and will provide access. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

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