Learning iOS app development – My first app!

Xcode 1st app

My first (very simple) app – Doggy Years

Xcode and Swift

I’ve avoided “proper” coding until very recently. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, but always avoided. I dipped my toes in last year, started to learn a bit of Python and found it surprisingly fun and relatively intuitive. After developing a bit of a itch to develop my skills further I thought i’d jump into some app development this weekend – using Apples free Xcode and Swift 2 programming language.

I signed up for a free developers account a few years ago and already had Xcode installed on my Mac (having learnt some Quartz Composer a while back and developed a few iBooks and iTunesU courses). I had no clue where to start. I’ve opened it a few times before, pressed a few buttons and closed it immediately – scared by the daunting interface!

I signed up for an awesome online course from Udemy, The complete iOS 9 developers course by Rob Percival. Within a day I have created my first very simple iOS app and got it running both on the iOS simulator and my iPhone 5S.

Doggy Years screenshot

You’ve got to start somewhere!

Doggy Years

Doggy Years is a simple app that allows you to input your dogs age, and converts it into “dog years” e.g. the age * 7. After working my way through the course, I learnt how to create a simple UI, add labels, inputs, buttons and images. I finally learnt how to add an element of interaction using some simple Swift coding that generates the output text. It’s very simple, but after my first attempt I now feel confident creating a simple app.

I have many more lessons to work through but after some rather quick results I’m excited to keep developing my skills further!


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