Welborne Arts Festival – Art meets Science – June 2015

I was lucky enough to be asked to curate the arts tent at the Welborne Arts festival earlier this summer. I’ve never curated an art exhibition before and it was a steep learning curve! I really didn’t realise how much work it would involve. With lots of help from Margaret Boulton, one of the festival organisers, I feel we pulled of a successful exhibition with an eclectic range of art inspired by science.

We were very lucky to have work submitted by a range of artists, scientists and artist/scientists, including:

  • Zelda Eady
  • Ellie Eady
  • Melissa Murray
  • Gil Sharpe
  • Caroline Evans
  • Tracey Shalom
  • Rob Woods
  • David Davies
  • Andrew Logie
  • Sally Rumens
  • Suzie Samit
  • David Ord Kerr
  • Sarah Caputo
  • Brenda Unwin
  • Lara Chipping
  • Marie-Louise Bacon

I really enjoyed the weekend in the Norfolk countryside, although damp on the first day, the festival finished on a sunny note on Sunday. Lots of people turned out and it was great to get feedback both on the exhibition and my interactive piece which was exhibited, Bound. The feedback from everyone was very positive, I always enjoy watching how people react to and interact with my work. The exhibition and festival made the Norfolk based Eastern Daily Press, with a very positive review:


I would like to say a big thank you to Margaret Boulton and her husband Andy for putting me up for the weekend. Sarah Caputo, Brenda Unwin and Rob Woods and all the others that helped hang the exhibition and help seal the tent leaks during the rain! I’m looking forward to developing my work further and hopefully exhibit at other festivals and exhibitions in the future.

Welborne Arts Festival flyer page1

Welborne Arts Festival flyer page1

Welborne Arts Festival flyer page2

Welborne Arts Festival flyer page2

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